Recent mixing work:

Here are some samples of tracks that have been mixed and mastered at Principal Audio. They should give you an idea of the 'sound' Jim imparts onto the tracks.

Zelmar feat. Jermaine Fleur - Into You
Sharmaine - Really Want U
Sharmaine - Excuses
Sharmaine - Anymore
Sharmaine - Oh My
Sharmaine - Lose Me
Sharmaine - North Pole Wishes
Sharmaine - Stop (Hold Me Back)
Jim Kirkpatrick - Dead Man Walking
Jim Kirkpatrick - All You Need (Is All You Have)
Jim Kirkpatrick - Brave New World
Jim Kirkpatrick - Gravy Train
Jim Kirkpatrick - Talk to Me
Jim Kirkpatrick - 61 & 49
Jim Kirkpatrick - Always on the Road
Jim Kirkpatrick - Skin and Bone, Pt. 2
Jim Kirkpatrick - Be Hard with It
Jim Kirkpatrick - Blue Heron Boulevard
Jim Kirkpatrick - Ain't Goin' Down Alone
Jim Kirkpatrick - No Such Thing as a Sure Thing
Jim Kirkpatrick - Ballad of a Prodigal Son
FM - I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Live)
FM - I Ain't the One (Live)
FM - Blood and Gasoline (Live)
FM - Only the Strong Survive (Live)
FM - Breathe Fire (Live)
FM - Wildside (Live)
FM - Hard Day in Hell (Live)
FM - Dangerous (Live)
FM - Hollow (Live)
FM - Tough Love (Live)
FM - Digging Up the Dirt (Live)
FM - Feels so Good (Live)
FM - Does It Feel Like Love (Live)
FM - Can You Hear Me Calling (Live)
FM - Obsession (Live)
FM - The Dream That Died (Live)
FM - Burning My Heart Down (Live)
FM - Everytime I Think of You (Live)
FM - Someday (You'll Come Running) (Live)
FM - Bad Luck (Live)
FM - Don't Stop (Live)
FM - Tough It Out (Live)